Annette from Auckland

Annette Green (Nursery: Coulter Organics) does a wonderful job of looking after all our customers in North, West and Central Auckland.

We asked Annette a few questions:

Q: When did you start your Weathersfield franchise?
A: 2016

Q: What do you enjoy the most out of this business?
A: Growing a good product.

Q: What inspired you to buy a Weathersfield franchise?
A: Great lifestyle franchise.

Q: What attracted you to the organics sector?  
A: Feeding and saving the world, naturally.

Q: What is your previous occupation or experience?
A: Travel and tourism consultant.

Q: Tell us about the business. 
A: I supply to 14 shops in West, North and Central Auckland. Coulter Organics has been operational now for going on 7 years.

Q: Who works at your nursery?
A: It's a family run business, myself (Annette), husband Paul, sons Gerran and Thomas.

Q: What are your most popular seedlings? 
A: Lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Broccoli.

Q: What it the best part of your job?
A: Flexibility, able to be there for my sons.

Q: Do you have any hot tips for gardeners raising their own seedlings?  
A: Any seedlings not used cut young and add to salad. Broad Beans a great source of hydrogen, let them die down even if you do not eat them. Best time of day to water is the morning.

Stockists: North, West & Central Auckland

Annette Green - Coulter Organics  |  North, West & Central Auckland