Janice from Canterbury

Janice Grant does a wonderful job growing Weathersfield Organic Seedlings for our Canterbury customers.

We asked Janice a few questions:

Q: When did you start your Weathersfield franchise?
A: Spring 2010.

Q: What do you enjoy the most out of this business?
A: Working from home. Working outside. Meeting retailers and customers at the Markets.

Q: What inspired you to buy a Weathersfield franchise?
A: An article in a Lifestyle Block Magazine.

Q: What attracted you to the organics sector?
A: A point of difference and wanting to grow our own organic produce.

Q: What is your previous occupation or experience?
A: Administration.

Q: Tell us about the business.
A: Simple and affordable set up with basic growing systems.  

Q: Who works here?
A: Myself and a little help from my husband who has his own job.

Q: What are your most popular seedlings?
A: I guess its lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, followed by tomatoes and zucchinis when in season and a whole lot more.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: Getting great feedback from the customers I meet and knowing that I am helping people in their journey to a healthier lifestyle by eating naturally grown food. This is also so satisfying when you go to your garden and forage for food and not having to buy as much at the supermarket.

Q: Do you have any hot tips for gardeners raising their own seedlings?
A: Raising seedlings is a labour of love, just like having a new baby. Many customers I have spoken to at the markets tell me they have tried to raise their own seedlings. Some say 'it’s too hard I will leave it to you,' and others say 'I am their back-up for their failures.'

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Janice Grant  |  Canterbury
email: janicegrant2006@gmail.com

Janice at local market