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Eggplant Black Beauty – Aubergine Seedling

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Eggplant  Black Beauty Aubergine – Heirloom

One seedling in a 90 mm pot

solanum melongena – Annual
Height 80 cm x 40 cm

Ready to harvest 90 days from transplant.

Rich moist soil in full sun, keep well-watered, may need staking for support. Shelter from wind and cold. Encourage a heavier crop with generous mulching and feeding followed by prompt harvest of mature fruit to allow further bud set.

Pinch off blossoms as cooler nights approach so that plants channel energy into ripening existing fruit, not producing new ones.

One seedlings in a 90mm pot
Harvest: Ready to harvest 90 days from transplant.
Use for grills, roasting, stuffing, stirfries.



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