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Broccoli Sprouting de Cicco Seedlings

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Sprouting Broccoli de Cicco – Italian Heirloom

Six seedlings in a punnet

brassica oleracea italica –Annual – Height 50 cm x 50 cm

Ready to harvest in 60 days

A traditional Italian sprouting broccoli with a small main head followed by a secondary flush of harvestable side shoots. Milder in taste than standard broccoli. Rich moist soil. In summer protect from white butterfly with netting. In winter, hill up to prevent wet feet.

Pick centre shoot when 10–15 cm in diameter to promote side shoots.

Uses – steamed, stir-fry, salads

Six seedlings in a punnet
Harvest: Ready to harvest from 60 days
Raw, salads, stir fry


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